Boost Reading Skills

Six Ways to Grow Your Readers

Reading promote cognitive development, increases working memory, grows vocabulary, grow teacher to student relationship and aids with toddler language development. This article also shows how student choice encourages student engagement.

Educator Navigate the Pandemic

We Made It Throught 2021!

Educators rise to meet the challenges of the Pandemic. Find out what causes teacher anxiety and the research on pandemic effects on the education system now and in the future.

Executive Functioning Skills


Providing Students with a Surrogate Brain, Teaching Students Skills in an Explicit Way, Providing Working Memory Strategies, and Being Consistent with Routines and Allowing Students to Be Human are all Ways to Move Students with Executive Functioning Difficulties!

Perfect Educator Resource: CANVA for FREE!

Explore Canva a resource for Educators, a teacher’s template paradise! This free, web-based platform with Educators in mind. Read more to find ways to use this tool that has so many ready-made resources!

Dyslexia and Your Student

Many young children reverse letters when learning to write, regardless of whether or not they have dyslexia. Defining what it is, looking for symptoms and determining the best accomodations for these students promote success in their academic and daily lives.

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